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Stainless steel for hygienic and
durable catering equipment

Fribergs Tilting Kettle FHP

A robust tilting kettle for industrial use

The FHP kettle – a sustainable investment in your industrial environment. State of the art kettles with easy handling, rapid warm-up, low energy consumption and hygienic. Everything a modern kettle should have!

Fribergs kokgryta FHP 500


  • Easy to use
  • Rapid warm-up
  • Tilting using water hydraulics
  • Hygienic, no hidden recesses
  • All stainless steel construction
  • High tilt.
  • Stainless split-hinged lid
  • Swivelling tap for hot and cold water
  • Volumes: 400, 500, 600 litres
  • Easy-to-service
  • Mounted on concrete base
  • Supplied with or without an agitator


  • Jacket cooling
  • Quick connector for agitator
Sturdy · Quick · Reliable · Powerful · Durable

Easy handling

Steam feed, condensation drainage and water filling regulated manually with sturdy levers. Tilting manoeuvred by cabled remote control.

Stainless steel cover locked in upright position by mechanical catch.

Rapid warm-up and energy saving

As well as saving energy and time, the rapid warm-up also provides better quality food with less nutritional loss.


The kettle and permanently mounted mixing tools can be high pressure washed. Removable side plates to the kettle columns facilitates internal and external hosing down.


The Friberg FHP is designed to facilitate easy servicing. A simple manoeuvre makes all parts visible for inspection and service.

The FHP kettle is delivered on a conveyor rack repurchased by Friberg.


The Friberg FHP connects to an external steam plant or boiler using 1” fittings (25), steam pressure 1.5-3 bar.
Condensation drainage ¾" (20).
Hot and cold water ¾" (20).
For operating pneumatic valves when tilting, compressed air, connection dimension 8mm, pressure 4-5 bar.
Electrical: 3N400V+PE, 25A.


Below you will find measurements for the product. We're aware that the measurements can be difficult to read on the web, but if you hover your mouse pointer over the different parts and measures on the drawings, you will get a small popup with easier to read text. If this is insufficient, there are also downloadable brochures in PDF format.

Fribergs Tilting Kettle FHP 500

Fribergs Kokgryta FHP

Measurements for the drawings

ø A
600 1200 1700 730 1900
500 1200 1700 730 1900
400 1150 1650 730 1840

Cooling – accessory

The kettle can be equipped with jacket-cooling. Cooling water is released manually after cooking. The large cooling surface of the kettle provides efficient cooling, which can be further accelerated by using the agitator.

Agitator – accessory

The Friberg FHP is equipped with a powerful agitator mounted on the arm at the top of the kettle. The mixer has a stepless adjustable rotation of between 5 and 60 rpm. The mixing tools, with plastic scraper and mixing breaker, ensures effective mixing and prevents burning.

The mixer’s operating controls are all in a control cabinet. Quick connector with lock for removable mixer available as accessory (Telpher not included).


Here is an assortment of product photos that you can view. Click the images to open a bigger image in a new window.

Delbar Chinois sil för 50L kastrull.Delbar Chinois sil för 50L kastrull.Delbar Chinois sil för 50L kastrull.Bassängvagn 220L. Hjul och tappkranBassängvagn 220L. Hjul och tappkranBassängvagn 220L. Hjul och tappkranBassängvagn 220L. Hjul och tappkran

Product sheets

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