Fribergs PanoCopter

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Stainless steel for hygienic and
durable catering equipment

Fribergs Crate Trolley

A sturdy stainless crate trolley

Fribergs PanoCopter FPC

Simple, lightweight and flexible - The Friberg stainless crate trolley makes it easy to handle heavy and cumbersome stacks of crates.

The trolley is stackable and available in four different sizes, for one or two crates.

4 different sizes:

  • 405x275mm, max load 200 kg, 405275.
  • 405x305mm, max load 200 kg, 405305.
  • 555x405mm, max load 250 kg, 405550.
  • 605x405mm, max load 250 kg, 405605.

High standards:

  • Quality wheels with ø100mm rubber thread.
  • Stackable.
  • Available in galvanized or stainless castors.
  • Drainage hole in the middle.
  • For pulling bar.
Flexible · Hygienic · Lightweight · Durable


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