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Your complete subcontractor
for all kinds of metal work

Material stocks

Fribergs has a huge inventory of materials for fast lead times and quality

We stock the following: steel, galvanized, aluminum, stainless, acid-resistant, 2B and brushed stainless steel.

We also have: Mesh, pattern plate, floor plate, and perforated steel sheets

Profiles in stainless and steel, round, square, hexagonal, rod putt and angle.

Pipes in stainless, steel, hollow, dairy pipe, industrial, threaded pipes, various plastic pipes.

Threaded fittings, stainless, dairy and food specialized.

Plumbing fittings, welding pipes, ball valves, sms and dairy parts and flow valves.

Large assortment of screws and joints in both stainless and steel.

Eccentric, hinges, handles, joints, swivel wheels, springs, and machinery feets etc.