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Fribergs Mechanical Equipment


We have many years of extensive knowledge in design and construction, everything from small parts to large industrial projects.

Using Autocad and Autodesk Inventor 2012 and Autopol’s preparation program with bending simulator, we can quickly and with extremely high precision program our laser cutters and press benders to quickly obtain the desired details. We carry out designs and drawings in both 2D and 3D, with simulation of production before bending and manufacturing. We use a fully automated preparing program, we also can perform laser cutting in square or round tubes using 3D geinetrues in our laser system Bystronic BySoft.

We work with the following file formats: DWG, DXF, SAT, STEP, IGES and IPT

Laser cutting

Laser cutting offers virtually unlimited possibilities for cutting various types of materials.
The cutting is extremely accurate and fast in freely chosen contours and sizes up to 3000x1500mm. We also have pipe cutting in both our laser machines and can thereby cutting 3d in round pipe or square tubes.

Machine Make and model Description
CNC CO2 Laser Bystronic ByAutonom 3015
ByTrans 3015 Extended
Palett material magasin
6000W Laser cutting machine.
20mm Stainless, 25mm Steel
Pipe cutting
Plasma cutter SPT Sparcon 1200 Manual, Steel up to 30mm.

Cropping /Cutting

Cutting sheet metal and materials up to 3000mm width, sawing and cutting with blade or band saws, andjustable miter. We also perform automatically sawing.

Machine Make and model Description
Shear Ursviken E 3000x7 Up to 7mm thick, width 3000mm
Nibbling Pullmax D3-3mm Manual universal machine for cutting, nibbling, punching or beading. 3 mm
Klippsax Br Wikström BW-3 Hydraulic shear for rods and flat iron.
Blade saw Kasto SBA 260A4 Automatical blade saw with degrees and feeding. For pipes and steel profiles.
Blade saw Ecja B550M Standing blade saw for plastic and alu.
Disc cutter Kaltenbach KKS400K Disc cutter for 0-90 degrees.
Disc cutter Pedrazzoci Horizon Disc cutter for 0-90 degrees.
Disc cutter Trennjäger PST2 Hand disc cutter for 0-90 degrees.

Punching/ pressing

Excentric pressing for cutting, punching and bending. Quick processing of larger series. Hydraulic presses, for bearing mounting or bending in different materials.

Machine Make and model Description
Excentric press Smålandsstenar EPF S Presses with 65 ton.
Excentric press VEB Peev Presses with 40 ton.
Excentric press DPV Presses with 15 ton.
Hydraulic press BBMV Hydraulic press 100 ton.

Press break/bending/rolling

Press breaking performs bending with extreme precision of the bending angles. With our new press break, we can tick advanced solutions directly in the press. We also have roll bending machines for sheet metal, pipes and profiles.

Machine Make and model Description
Press break Ursviken Optiflex 2000Kn Super modern Press break, 200 ton. Width 3010mm.
Press break Promecam 800Kn Power 80 ton  Width 2500mm
Press break Promecam 500Kn Power 50 ton   Width 2000mm
Press break Br Wikström BWP-30 Punching, bending, stamping press break.
Anglepress Örestad 8163-2A Programmable Thick 3mm with 3000mm
Roll bender Luna 8266/20/30 Digital precision roll bend, motorized under and upper cylinder. Also performing coning
Roll bender Luna 8266/10/30 Roll bender 90mm upper cylinder
Roll bender Luna 8906 Roll bender 60mm upper cylinder
Roll bender Luna 8905 Roll bender 50mm upper cylinder
Ring bender Roundo R2 Bender for profiles/flat iron, angles, pipes
Pipe bender Herber RMB 40 Bends up to 38x2mm pipes
Profile bender Gressel HB 20 Profile bending machine

Machining, turning/milling

We have a large fleet of mechanial processing, we have only manual turners with digital display in the current situarion, but we have a very good cooperation in CNC machining for larger batches or more advanced solutions.

We possess the authentic knowledge of machining, turning and milling for low batch production and prototyping as well as larger series.

Machine Make and model Description
Turner Tur Tur-50 10" - 1500mm
Turner Colchester Mastiff 1400 10" - 1500mm
Turner Mono Fap 200 8" - 1000mm
Turner Storebro SB255 10" - 2000mm
Miller Lagun F4TV-1400 1400x360mm
Miller Cincinnati 2J205KN-2  
Drill/Miller Modig 90/2-4-100 UBA-AM Drill/Miller or threading
Radialdrill Profilia 2H55 Length 1600mm
Pillar drill Solberga SE1235  
Pillar drill Strand S68  
Pillar drill IMA 90/6-75  
Keyway machine   For interior keyways
Flat grinder Malcus MPS-450 With magnetic table
Thread machine SL Junior Tap For making threads

Welding machines

We perform welding in steel, stainless, aluminium etc. Large extensive experience with welding in most materials, pressure vessels, license welding etc.

Machine Make and model Description
Tigweld 10pcs Migatronic, Esab 160-440A Watercooled, AC/DC, Puls etc.
Mig/Mag 10pcs Esab, EWIN 200-510A Watercooled  programmable, puls etc.
Gas weld Oxygen/Acetylen Gas welding system.
Controlled  roundweld    
Weld mode amplifier 2pcs   Capacity 750 Kg
Spot weld Kempi Programmable Spot weld
Spot weld Sciaky Spot weld
Spot weld clamp EWM/ARO VK500/3171T Spot weld
Weld helmets Speedglas Speedglas with air supply