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A company with more than a hundred
years history to build the future upon!

A company with great heritage

Fribergs Verkstäder was founded 1912 by Ernst Waldemar Friberg. The name of the company were by then Håkantorps Mechanical. The production was at that time velocipede trolleys and later on supplemented with food pumps for steam boilers.

In the early 1920's the company was renamed
E.W. Fribergs Mechanical.Some years later, the company started a foundry for bronze where casted and machined developed their own products for example. cogwheel pumps, dispensing machines, special angle couplings and faucets for dairies and

During the 1940's Fribergs Mechanical began working with stainless steel, producing their own faucets and couplings. This products was exported in several countries as. Norway, Denmark, Finland, Austria and Yugoslavia.

Ernst’s son Tor took over the company in the 1950's, but he was unfortunately very ill and the company’s sales dropped. Thanks to the great interest for their products order from Norway, Austria and Yugoslavia, Fribergs Mechanical survived, albeit on a smaller scale.

In 1977 the present owner Håkan Eriksson with family took over the company. Now the name of the company becomet Fribergs Värkstäder  AB. Håkan had vasst experiense of stainless steel after working over 10 years at Junga Verkstäder (Asko Cylinda) with production of dish- and washing machines. Simultaneously with the acquisition the company expanded the working force. Fribergs has continuously expanded the number of employees over the years, and at present day Fribergs has around 30 staff members.

In 1985 Håkan built a new workshop at new sight in Håkantorp. After the new factory of 1000 square meters was built, new machinery was put in and increased development and production of new products began.

The development of new products and stronger order intakes resulted in that the company soon outgrew the facilities, and in 1993 an extension to the factory was built. 1500 square meters containing,  production area, office and personnel areas.
Great emphasis was placed on the internal and external environment, and large bright open spaces was created in the factory.

During 1993 Fribergs started with catering equipment which now a days is one of the company’s main product lines.

1994 the company started to invest in marketing themselves, at trade shows.

During 1998 investments was made in a new, state of the art Bystronic hi-tech laser-cutting machine with extra peripherals. Fribergs also started to work with certification ISO 9002.

1999 Fribergs acquired PanoCopter catering products from Gothenburg, and moved the production to Håkantorp. A sales office is opened in Kungälv and Fribergs recruits Marjatta Tamminen from PanoCopter. Lars-Erik Johansson from PanoCopter is also working with Fribergs the following years.

We at Fribergs constantly working with quality and product development and i investing heavily in marketing, to get a clooser contact with all our customers. Fribergs has been certified to ISO 9002 sens year 2000. All our products are CE certified and documented in accordance with applicable rules and prescriptions. During year 2000 we also have built up brand new show/ conference room, expanded inventory and storage space and a new assembly hall is established for producing boilers .

2008 Fribergs bought a second Bystronic laser cutting machine. Fribergs has now made its real step into the laser-age after many years of punching/nibbling and now with a complete factory for metalwork from sheet metal . Fribergs is now well prepared to meet our customers increasing needs for producing parts and products.

2009 was time to rebuild the old storage space and a completely new ship in the factory was expanded for housing materials as well as finished products. We made a big change of positioning the entire order of rotation in the factory and we are now working with an optimal flow rotation from material to finished product without moving around to much.

2010 we changed our old press brake and replaced it with a brand new modern Ursviken press with a pressure of 200 tons.
All surfaces around the factory has been on asphalt and new environmental stations were established.

2012 was the time for next big expansion, the factory area are now doubled with another 3000 square meters, housing production and warehouse. New working stations has been built up and all assembly has been modernized and streamlined. Great emphasis has been placed on working in the factory, all the rooms are bright and noise reduced, large windows let in plenty of natural light and gives a fresh and energetic work environment.

Fribergs also bought Novlab, (Boiler manufacturer) and a newly developed Fribergs/Novlab boiler has been developed and produced with modern solutions to meet the new market demands and requirements.

In 2015 the two existing laser cutting machines were exchanged for a brand new Bystronic Autonom laser, meaning we now have a laser in the absolute world class when it comes to precision and cutting speed.

Vision and future goals

Our long term vision and company goals is clearly communicated and pushes for good growth and continuing work on improving the company to produce environmentally and performance-competetive products and services.

Our goal is to remain at the bleeding edge of developing the products our customers asks for.

The company is planning further improvements concerning efficiency, quality and environment. The focus on both customers and suppliers are clear and will be strengthened throughout the entire organization.

We will work for long term sustainable relations with our customers, resellers, support chain and suppliers.