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A company with more than a hundred
years history to build the future upon!

Fribergs Verkstäder

About the company

Fribergs Verkstäder is a company in time, with modern factory solutions within facilities and production technology. ISO certified according to ISO 9001.

We have a production area of approximately 6000m² which is divided into several sections: Storage, laser cutting machines, bending/rolling machines, cutting/punching section, welding, mechanical workshop, different production lines. We have several grinding stations and a station for testing all finished products. We have a specialized room for pickling and environmental/recycling stations. In addition, we have our offices, a showroom/conference room as well as dining room and staff facilities.

We are currently about 30 employees working hard to give YOU the best, support, safe delivery and products as fast as possible.

Fribergs Verkstäder operates within 3 different production groups.