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Stainless steel for hygienic and
durable catering equipment

Fribergs EcoSelect – for environmentally sound and energy efficient production

Fribergs develops products of the highest quality with the latest and most modern technology and components, building it for the very best energy optimization and environmental care.

Market leading appliances for catering services and restaurants, built for best performance and efficiency with least possible environmental impact. We take into consideration everything from our manufacturing process to your usage all the way to the final recycling of the product.

Our goal is to offer you highly efficient products that enables you to save both your economy as well as our environment.

Fribergs Verkstäder AB follows an integrated quality/environment guideline system that is part of our ISO 9001. We have also begun the work for certification according to ISO 14001.

The company is situated in the idyllic rural area outside Vara in the west of Sweden which is why we care so much about our environment.

Since the 1980’s we have well organised environmental routines at the production facility with sorting of various kinds of sheet metal, garbage, wood/packing, oils and coolants, electronics, batteries etc.

We also have smaller depots inside the facility for best handling of fluids and chemicals.

Etching and similar processes are done in a purpose built facility with good ventilation and chemical separation for the water.

We take responsibility and will recycle our old out of service products if returned to us.

It is now time to take the environmental aspect into a higher gear with even more efficient production lines, along with better and more energy efficient products.

We are now making a commitment to deliver products that are as environmentally friendly and saves as much energy as possible while being easy to work with and giving you a better work environment.

Ecological thinking paired with a real ease of use = Fribergs EcoSelect.

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Brief overview of the EcoSelect range

We are continually developing the EcoSelect range and products, but in general it consists of the following products:

We will present more information about the EcoSelect range here on the website in the future, but for now we refer you to the presentation brochure above and that you contact us directly for more information.